A quaint cottage dream home for our upsizing young family.


Crazy!….I know. But that’s why these clients engaged our services, it was the difference between winning or losing their dream home and with us on their side, they won!

“We have been looking for over 4 years in the Lower North Shore area and missed so many properties. After only one meeting with Simone it was clear to us how effective using a buyers agent was going to be. Simone was clear & concise during the briefing session and placed a huge importance on getting all the facts from us along with understanding who we are and what we wanted. She completely owned, managed and communicated the entire buying process and provided so much comfort and counsel during the times when we needed it. We can’t thank Simone enough for her incredible work and we certainly wouldn’t have secured our house without her”

Let us help you secure YOUR dream home. Book a free phone consult with us now!

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