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Buyers Agent Sydney

We Are Unique And Boutique

Buyers Agent Sydney | Buyers Agent Central Coast

Essential Property Wealth provides the services of highly qualified and experienced Buyers Agents.

Our core focus is securing quality property for the best possible price and the most ideal contract conditions.

Tired of searching for your ideal property?

Are you tired of missing out at auction, finding out about the best properties too late or being unable to secure a home or investment property within your price range?

Just like property vendors use a qualified, professional real estate agent to sell their
home, we do the same for buyers. We are qualified, professional real estate agents, but we work exclusively for you, the purchaser.

With our help, you will find and purchase your dream home sooner.

We will make your home search easy

Our comprehensive search process is designed to save you valuable time and minimise stress.

We use our unique online and offline research tools and tap into our exclusive agent databases to source VIP off-market and pre-market property listings. We ensure that no stone is left unturned throughout our search.

Let us do the research and legwork for you, so you are able to live, work and play. No more endless weekends of inspections and no more wasted hours trawling through property websites.

We provide detailed property analysis

A huge benefit of working with a Buyer’s agent is avoiding paying too much for your home.

When we find ‘the one’, we start the due diligence process straight away. This includes a detailed property and price analysis made available to you, which will enable you to determine the value of the property prior to starting the negotiation process.

We also organise all other necessary inspections and contract reviews. We do all of this while you get on with your day but rest assured we will stay in touch with you every step of the way.

You will leverage the support of an experienced negotiator to ensure you don’t overpay

Negotiating with real estate sales agents is often the most daunting part of the purchase process for most buyers.

We work with you to create the best offer strategy and will work hard to ensure you achieve the best possible price and purchase conditions. You will be ecstatic when we deliver the news that you have secured your dream home!

We bid on your behalf

Buying your property at auction means having your game plan organised long before auction day and staying centred and calm throughout the proceedings.

Many buyers do their due diligence and are prepared for auction but fall apart emotionally when the auction starts. These emotions often get in the way of winning and can mean overpaying at auction.

With us on your side, you can let your emotions run wild while we remain focused on achieving the best possible result for you on auction day.

We don’t just turn up, bid and leave. We will advise you in preparation for auction and guide you through the process on the day.

Let us take the stress out of buying your home or investment property

As your Buyers Agent, our focus is to find your dream property, save you time and stress and negotiate the best price for you. We offer a tailored service and we focus on your individual property needs, ensuring we secure the property that meets all the criteria on your wish list.

We’ll uncover the needle in the haystack! We don’t take commissions from developers and we don’t sell off the plan property. Our experienced team has access to off-market and pre-market property so you will have an advantage over other buyers.

Want the support of a property professional to find your next home? Book a free call or enquire today.